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MD/MPHers coming together to create change

Learn the latest information, discuss critical solutions, and collaborate with other MD/MPHers around the United States.


Why do we exist?

Most problems in the US healthcare system rise from the gap between those who design care and those who deliver it. MD/MPHers have the unique knowledge base and skill set to bridge this gap. However, to develop these special skills and experiences, MD/MPHers must learn directly from other MD/MPHers — those who actively are thinking, designing, and implementing. Within a lively MD/MPH community, not only can we cultivate the upcoming generation of MD/MPHers but also collaborate within our small, critical niche.



What do we do?



Ready to Change Healthcare

  • What does it look like to be a practicing MD/MPHer?

  • How can I get involved in these opportunities? 

  • What should I be reading and learning about?

These countless questions cannot be answered without direct guidance from and discussions with current MD/MPHers. Now, we all have a centralized resource and community for all ideas, conversations, and publications related to MD/MPHers.


Leading by Example

We MD/MPHers are trying to solve the largest health problems. Rather than signing non-disclosure agreements, we embrace sharing and collaboration. In this community, we have put these qualities in ​the center. Never has it been easier to reach other MD/MPHers around the United States to share ideas, projects, and publications. Before you know it, you will have multiple partnerships and qualified interns from across the country. 



Let’s Work Together

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