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Lay of the Land

What is the scene around MD/MPHers? Find out below.


Small but Fierce

MD/MPHers make up <1% of total medical school enrollment and 3.6% of MD/MPH enrollment.

Less Ethnically Diverse

MD–MPH students were more likely to be White (56% vs 51%) and less likely to be Asian (19% vs 22%) or mixed race (4% vs 9%). The percentages of African American (8%) and Hispanic/Latino (6%) MD–MPH students were similar.

Increasing Interest

The number of people pursuing an MD/MPH has risen from 149 in 2010 to 796 in 2018. Medical school enrollment increased only by 16% during this period.

Majority Women

In 2018, 60% of MD/MPH students were women. Only 49.5% of medical students were women in 2018.


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